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A Secured Text Encryption with Near Field Communication (NFC) using Huffman Compression
Adeniji Oluwashola David, Akinola Olaniyan Eliais
Adeniji Oluwashola David, Akinola Olaniyan Eliais, “A Secured Text Encryption with Near Field Communication (NFC) using Huffman Compression”, International Journal of Engineering and Applied Computer Science, vol. 04, no. 02, pp. 14-18, Mar. 2022.
There are a lot of Challenges raised over the security of information written to the Mifare classic 1k a Radio Frequency Identification card due to the vulnerability status of this card. The card’s information can be traced to another card or an electronic device. These issues allow for unauthorized access to the data on the Mifare classic 1k‐enabled device data which are transmitted between the device and reader. The information produced by a Mifare classic 1k enabled credential system for a stated status is also a concern. The focus of the study is to develop an algorithm to secure information written to the Near Field Communication tag. The performance of the system shows that when n=50, with elapse time of 1.2ms the unique character was 64, likewise at optimal when n=200, the elapse time was 1ms with the unique character of 62. This result shows a decline of the symbol-by-symbol restriction with elapses time which can secure the information of the unique character.
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