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A Digital Planning Tool for Shaping Up the Landscaping Architecture
Abdool Qaiyum Mohabuth, Ibrahim Haashim Gunnoo
Abdool Qaiyum Mohabuth, Ibrahim Haashim Gunnoo, “A Digital Planning Tool for Shaping Up the Landscaping Architecture”, International Journal of Engineering and Applied Computer Science, vol. 04, no. 04, pp. 17-22, May. 2022.
Landscape architecture is a comparatively new concept and is gaining prominence in town and country planning exercises. People marveled at the design of new towns when the infrastructure looks nice and well placed. However, when the planning exercise is not done properly this results in the implementation of poor infrastructure with narrow roads, lack of green spaces, no parking spots, congested streets and so. Architects are still using traditional hand drawing for their designs and sketches which have several limitations. Developing a landscape architecture planning system with appropriate tools will facilitate architects’ tasks and others to have an appropriate to ensure proper landscape planning without unnecessarily wasting time manually. This paper aims to present a desktop application with features for generating appropriate cartography which allows users to place appropriate objects representing real-world urban structures and buildings. The Waterfall methodology was used to build and implement the proposed system. The latter is expected to help in the reduction of parking problems and increase the number of green areas in towns. The application proposed includes appropriate validation techniques to allow users to plan a site and made sure that the standards set for parking spaces and green areas are being respected.
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Dr. Abdool Qaiyum Mohabuth is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Software & Information Systems at the University of Mauritius, Mauritius. He pursued a Bachelor of Technology, and Master of Science degree and completed his PhD in 2017. He was formally Project Coordinator on a full-time basis for the Work-based learning programme at the University of Mauritius for ten years. He has published more than 15 research papers in international journals and conferences which are also available online. His main research work focuses on Green Computing, IoT Smart Technologies, Project Management, and E-Assessment. He has 25 years of teaching experience and 15 years of research experience.
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Mr. Ibrahim Haashim Gunnoo is a Software Engineer and Consultant at Aerow ECM World Ltd & Tessi. He graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Software Engineering from the University of Mauritius in 2019. He has substantive experience in software development and is also a certified CISCO Security Specialist.