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Volume: 02, Issue: 06, June 2017
Prashant Dwivedy, Anjali Potnis, Madhuram Mishra
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P. Dwivedy, “Performance Assessment of Several Filters for Removing Salt and Pepper Noise, Gaussian Noise, Rayleigh Noise and Uniform Noise,” International Journal of Engineering and Applied Computer Science, vol. 02, no. 06, pp. 176–180, Jul. 2017.
Abstract—Digital images are prone to a variety of noises. De-noising of image is a crucial fragment of image reconstruction procedure. Noise gets familiarized in the course of reception and transmission, acquisition and storage & recovery processes. Hence de-noising an image becomes a fundamental task for correcting defects produced during these processes. A complete examination of the various noises which corrupt an image is included in this paper. Elimination of noises is done using various filters. To attain noteworthy results various filters have been anticipated to eliminate these noises from Images and finally which filter is most suitable to remove a particular noise is seen using various measurement parameters.
Dhruva MS, Shashikala M K
MS Dhruva, “Survey on Big Data Analytics,” International Journal of Engineering and Applied Computer Science, vol. 02, no. 06, pp. 181–185, Jul. 2017.
Abstract—This paper aims to highlight distinct features of Big of information. We are living on the planet with huge varieties and tremendous volume of data Information is the new money. Data is being generated by sensors, digital images, activities in social media sites, forensic science, business informatics, research activities across various domains and many other internet based events as either source data or as cumulative to the existing data. This data increase from time to time exponentially from heterogeneous sources, techniques and technologies. The data is categories as “Big Data”. The core theme focuses on linking Big Data with people in various ways. Big Data is enormous in Variety, Velocity and Volume. It may be in any of the form like structured, unstructured. The idea of Big Data analysis is to manage giant volume of data, obtain beneficial information, suggest casualties and support decision making. This survey provides comprehensive review and audit of Big Data analytics. Leading and evolving applications of Big Data analytics are discussed. Some of the techniques for efficient analysis of Big Data are also illustrated.
P. Naresh, G. Nataraja Shekhar, M. Kiran Kumar, P. Rajyalakshmi
P. Naresh, “Implementation of Multi-node Clusters in Column Oriented Database using HDFS,” International Journal of Engineering and Applied Computer Science, vol. 02, no. 06, pp. 186–190, Jul. 2017.
Abstract—Generally HBASE is NoSQL database which runs in the Hadoop environment, so it can be called as Hadoop Database. By using Hadoop distributed file system and map reduce with the implementation of key/value store as real time data access combines the deep capabilities and efficiency of map reduce. Basically testing is done by using single node clustering which improved the performance of query when compared to SQL, even though performance is enhanced, the data retrieval becomes complicated as there is no multi node clusters and totally based on SQL queries. In this paper, we use the concepts of HBase, which is a column oriented database and it is on the top of HDFS (Hadoop distributed file system) along with multi node clustering which increases the performance. HBase is key/value store which is Consistent, Distributed, Multidimensional and Sorted map. Data storage in HBase in the form of cells, and here those cells are grouped by a row key. Hence our proposal yields better results regarding query performance and data retrieval compared to existing approaches.
Gowtham M, M. Ramakrishna
M. Gowtham, “A Novel Security Approach for Communication using IOT,” International Journal of Engineering and Applied Computer Science, vol. 02, no. 06, pp. 191–195, Jul. 2017.
Abstract—The Internet of Things (IOT) is the arrangement of physical articles or "things" introduced with equipment, programming, sensors, and framework accessibility, which enables these things to accumulate and exchange data. Here outlining security convention for the Internet of Things, and execution of this relating security convention on the inserted gadgets. This convention will cover the honesty of messages and verification of every customer by giving a productive confirmation component. By this venture the protected correspondence is executed on implanted gadgets.
Shashikala M K, Dhruva M S
M K Shashikala, “Secure De-Duplication in Cloud Computing Environment by Managing Ownership Dynamically,” International Journal of Engineering and Applied Computer Science, vol. 02, no. 06, pp. 196–201, Jul. 2017. 
Abstract—As the arena movements to superior ability for recorded purposes, the usage of Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) are increasing more ubiquity. With the steady increment of disbursed garage adopters, records de-duplication has become a want for cloud providers. In distributed storage administrations statistics de-duplication is one of crucial structures to lessen the distance requirements of administrations by way of casting off replica duplicates of rehashing facts and setting away unmarried replica of them. But it leads to security troubles when specific clients deliver indistinguishable records to the allotted storage. As of past due, a few de-duplication plans were proposed to take care of this problem. However the general public of the plans enjoy the unwell effects of protection issues, given that they don't take into account the dynamic changes inside the obligation for statistics. In this paper, a unique server-facet de-duplication plot is proposed for combined statistics that utilizations RCE and gathering key management machine. The proposed conspire ensures that one-of-a-kind authorized access to the commonplace facts is conceivable. The security of the de-duplication schemes is furnished by means of making use of suitable encryption schemes.

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